My role
  • Digital designer
  • Concept creator
  • Concept
  • Wireframes
  • User dashboard
  • In total: an optimized platform

The challenge do improve a loyalty platform

Since 2012 the XL-S Support platform is online. However, user research and statistics have shown that it doesn’t work as user friendly as it should. This was the point where I came in as UX Designer during my internship at Partout DNA in 2014. Goal: optimize the platform from XL-S Support. Quite a challenge, but it worked!

Colours of the brand

A styleguide makes a brand. For this challenge I received the brand colours of XL-S Support. Because it was important for the client that the colours should stay the same. Of course it’s not about the colours, also the right using of the fonts, right compositions, visuals, etc. As a digital designer I used their styleguid the right way and implemented them in the new design quite pretty as I may say.




What we delivered

A digital environment where users of XL-S Medical can find each other, but also where they can track their progress individually, find motivation an get knowledge about sustain weight loss. That’s the what XL-S Support is. The main goal was to improve the user experience in the platform.¬†Minimal changes with maximum efficiency.

Mobile? Yes, of course!

Mobile devices have become an essential part of today’s society. This is why it’s so important to design for mobile as well. The XL-S Support Platform is a dedicated mobile website, which also needs¬†improvement.