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Experimental concept

for a media campaign

On September 23, 2004 the brand I Amsterdam was launched. An important milestone in the city marketing of Amsterdam. Competition between cities in Europe is increasing. Cities therefore still want to show their strengths to get attion from a lot of visitors, businesses and residents. Amsterdam and the region wants to show their entrepreneurial, innovative and creative side. These points are making Amsterdam strong and distinctive for centuries from the rest of the world. I Amsterdam is the motto of Amsterdam and region. But why then, I Rule Amsterdam? Let me explain.

For the course Art Direction during my study ICT & Media Design we got the assignment to come up with a concept campaign, for the brand I Amsterdam. The goals was to convince international game industry to establish themselfs in the heart of Amsterdam. An important note is that this assignment is for education purposes and not really commissioned by I Amsterdam. But it was really nice to create a concept media campaign for a brand like I Amsterdam. The name of our campaign: I Rule Amsterdam!

Start the revolution against

Bad Wolf studios

Bad Wolf Studios? This is a name of a major stronghold of major game developers. Think of Ubisoft, Rockstar and EA. The revolution against Bad Wolf Studios has started!


Inviting indie game developers in Amsterdam is done through a real battle who can make the best game. Herefore, assembling the ultimate development team is important. Obviously there are indie game developers who already have a complete team, but what if you want to show what you can do as an individual? On this landing page, an individual could go to interact with others and recruit new team members. This landing page was THE place to be during the campaign “I Rule Amsterdam!”

Designing posters

Bad Wolf Studios obviously isn’t real. But to make sure it looks like it’s a real company I designed the Bad Wolf Studio log and two posters in style.  These posters could be displayed on an E3 Game Exchange for example. I’m really proud of the result.

Collecting votes via Facebook

The campaign is about a battle between indie game developers. To ensure that, as a indie game developer, you want to be first. You should collect votes via Facebook, many! These votes finally count again in the final battle.