Creating a mobile experience for iOS and Android from scratch!

  • Rough sketches
  • App Design
  • Working demo for iOS and Android
  • Kick-ass presentation
Created with my buddy
  • Mathijs van der Palen
Nobody, just for fun


Choosing the righ colours

Rain forest green


Banana Yellow


Evening Black


Start with rough sketches

During the creation of rough sketches we didn’t created all the different screens. We especially developed the main features on paper, namely, home, wheel of shame and assignment explanation. During the process, we signed a lot on paper. Not directly functionalities of the app, but basically the core structure. During the creation of this app me and Mathijs thought it was important to let our creativitity and imagination speak, without thinking about technical challenges. Really fun to do!

The Monkey Madness app

We are both very proud of the end result. It started like an idea, but resulted in a real working app. The main goal for the app was to focus on socializing with friend, by doing weird assignments. You can think of drink a beer in less then 5 seconds, ask a complete stranger to tie you shoe laces, etc. I really learned a lot by doing this project. We used ionic to build the app, it was completely new for us both. But that’s what I like the most: experimenting, learning new tools and create awesome stuff.