Red Pilot:

A digital magazine

Red Pilot is a digital magazine to raise awareness of high costs in general. We’ve only created one edition, but if there are more to come every edition of the magazine focusses on high costs for a specific topic. The issue that was central to this edition was about high costs related to telecommunications and how to save it.

I’ve worked on this digital magazine as a designer during my study. For the innovation route Digital Publishing we got the assignment to create a digital magazine about a particular subject. The name of our magazine is Red Pilot, because red is chosen because of the cost part and pilot isa bout being the pilot on your own expenses. The title refers to help people keep control about their expenses. It was really nice to make and we had a great project team.

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Creating a character

Early in the project, we’ve decided to add a character. So Basje was born. I did’n do the drawing of Basje, but made it digital via illustrator. I am very proud, because it has become a great character. Because of this I found out that design characters by illustrator is something I really like. And I’ve learned a lot about the program by doing this.

We Successfully

created a brand and

a digital magazine