What I believe in…

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

I have a lot of interest in the human brain. I think it's really interesting to know how people interact with (digital) products. How does something work? How was it designed to work? Getting to know what the user wants and how they use a product is the most interesting part of my job as UX Designer & Researcher. I know I can be annoying by constantly ask: why are you doing it this way? Can you explain it to me? But it's really interesting to know what a user thinks and where improvements can be made. The most important goal: create nice looking products where a user falls in love with.

Strong in communication

Communication is key. It's important to communicate the right way. With your colleagues, clients and the end user. I see myself as a communicative young man who is really social. I like to talk about new technologies, product improvements, the weather and also about what's the best special beer;) I dare to voice my opinion.

It's all in the detail

We all think big, but what about the small details? When I design websites, apps, offline media or any other creative expression, I find it important to have an eye for detail. Creating the ideal user experience is hard, but I really like this challenge. Before I start on my designs, I start with old school tools: pencil and paper. After that choosing the right combination of colors, font size, composition and more aspects of design is the part I like the most. I'm definitely sure it's not only about the design, but it's the content that matters. Because if you have a good design with really bad content, you're still not gonna make it.