Something about me

Creativity starts with curiosity

A Dutch creative from the south who's fallen in love with the big world of digital. Specialised in UX, UI, Branding and many more. I like to drink a cup of coffee to get to know each other better and then of course I love tell you more about my passion for data- and user centered design.

You’re not designing for a device,

you’re designing for a human

I see myself as a multidisciplinary digital maker at heart. My strength is that I want to solve complex issues in a smart way. How? Using the right tools, investigation the problem and create good solutions. The most important goal: a satisfied user. Creating beautiful, user friendly products is the thing I love.

Combining solution-oriented thinking, common sense, design skills and the latest technologies make me, with the products I create, to who I am.

Innovative thinking, dare to take impulsive decisions and speaking out my imagination are qualities that suit me. Day after day I'm working with media to be well informed about the latest developments.

Of course I have other occupations besides my passion for media. In my spare time I spend time reading blogs, field hockey, fine dining, listening to music, drink a beer and play a game on my playstation.